Bling Diamond Disposable Vape – Strawberry Banana Flavors

A fruit-flavored indica hybrid, Bling Diamond Strawberry Banana is a popular strain that has skyrocketed in popularity. It has a mellow high that helps melt away stress and pain, while sharpening creativity and sensory awareness.

It is available in a disposable vape device that is pre-filled with Bosshog Salt Nic. You can refill it with your favorite e-liquids.


Bling Diamond Menthol is a sweet and fruity e-liquid that delivers a refreshing taste. Its flavor combines strawberries and banana with a refreshing coolness of menthol to create an amazing vape experience.

This flavored e-liquid is available in Starter Kits and Sub-Ohm tanks. It is a great choice for those looking to try a new and exciting vaping experience.

This e-liquid is designed for use with a disposable vape device, which is portable and simple to use. It features 20mg of nic salt, which provides an excellent throat hit and fast-absorbing nicotine. It also contains a high concentration of flavor, which ensures a delicious vape experience. It is perfect for beginners and mobile users. This e-liquid is available in different flavors, including strawberry banana, mint ice, and pineapple mango peach.

Mint ICE

With a high concentration of coolness and a refreshing flavor, Mint ICE is the perfect vape for a breath-chilling hit. You’ll enjoy this fruity blend of pineapple, mango, and peach with every puff, all while enjoying the satisfaction of full vaping.

A traditional mint ice cream is made with cream, milk, sugar, and small chocolate chips. The green color is usually achieved by adding concentrated peppermint oil or spearmint oil mixed with food coloring. This version is often found in ice cream parlors that specialize in organic and all-natural flavors. A white or light-green version can be made without adding coloring. However, the taste will be more mild. Some versions also call for a small amount of liqueur creme de menthe. A green color is also often added to ice cream made with a homemade recipe.

Pineapple Mango Peach

Pineapple Mango Peach is a vape-worthy e-liquid that’s sure to get your taste buds tingling. This tropical flavor is a treat for the senses with a smooth and satisfyingly sweet blend of pineapples, peach, and mango complemented by a nice dollop of melon. Bling Diamond’s gizmo is an aptly named disposable pod device that boasts a 550 mAh battery and 2.5 ml of nicotine salt e-liquid. The best part about this gizmo is that it requires no filling, charging or pod swapping. It’s also one of the smallest and lightest vaporizers on the market, making it the ideal portable vape for your everyday commute or an emergency backup. If you’re looking for a high-tech e-liquid that doesn’t require a lot of extra work, look no further than this top-rated juice.

Sweet Banana

This Bling Diamond Sweet Banana flavor is perfect for anyone that wants a balanced, savory-sweet experience. The sweetness of strawberries is paired with tropical banana, delivering an intense concentration of flavor that will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. This e-liquid is best enjoyed in a Bosshog Salt Nic disposable pod device. These disposable devices are small, lightweight and require no refills or maintenance. They also come with a 1000mAh integrated battery. This e-liquid is available in both a Starter Kit and Sub-Ohm Tanks. This e-liquid is also available in a Pod Kit that comes with 4 pre-filled Bosshog Salt Nic pods.